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With an open-top design, a roll-off dumpster is simply a waste container that makes dealing with garbage easy. An invaluable resource during construction, renovation, or clean-up projects, allowing for efficient waste management. Their wheels make it a breeze to place them exactly where you need them on your property. We offer roll-off dumpsters in different sizes, making them suitable for private residences and commercial establishments. Roll-off dumpsters offer a time-saving and trouble-free solution for handling waste and debris. Connect with us today for a quote!

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What Roll Off Dumpster Is Right For Your Project?

To identify the most suitable roll-off dumpster for your project, consider these:

1. Size of the Project: The range and extent of your project play a role in deciding the fitting dumpster size. For smaller projects like garage cleanouts or minor renovations, a 10-yard dumpster may be sufficient. For larger tasks such as major refurbishments, clearing out an entire property, or new constructions, you might require a more substantial 15, 20, 30, or 40-yard dumpster.

2. Type of Waste: Consider the variety of waste you’ll be dealing with, as particular roll-off dumpsters are custom-built for specific types of trash. You might need a heavy-duty dumpster for substantial debris like concrete, bricks, or asphalt. In contrast, a standard dumpster should be suitable for lighter waste, such as household junk and construction debris.

3. Weight Limitations: Estimating the total weight of your waste is crucial, given that each dumpster size carries a unique weight restriction to avoid overload. Overloading could impose extra costs or make it necessary to get a bigger dumpster.

4. Local Regulations: Check with your local municipality for any specific guidelines or permits that may be required for your project. Please consider giving us a call if you need to ask this question. Because we handle this each day.

Remembering these factors will help you determine the most optimal roll-off dumpster for your project, ensuring efficient and easygoing waste management. If anything is unclear, call us. We’re here and ready to assist you.

Typically Types of Debris

Picking the right roll-off dumpster requires considering the waste that must be appropriately disposed of.

1. Construction & Demolition (C&D) Debris: This particular type of debris includes materials used in construction, renovation, and demolition projects, such as wood, drywall, metal, concrete, bricks, asphalt, roofing components, insulation, etc.

2. Household Junk: This category comprises waste from residential cleanouts, moving, or decluttering projects, including furniture, appliances, clothing, toys, electronics, and other general household items.

3. Yard Waste: Waste from landscaping, gardening, and outdoor care activities, which includes grass snippets, leaves, tree branches, shrubs, and other organic materials, falls into this group.

4. Hazardous Waste: In some instances, projects may call for removing dangerous substances like asbestos, lead, paint, and chemicals. Disposing hazardous waste requires special handling and may be subject to specific regulations.

Understanding the kinds of debris your project will generate is essential for its correct disposal and compliance with local laws.

Sizes and Types of Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals

The sizes of the roll-offs we rent are shown below. We also offer 12-yard and 15-yard sizes, which are not pictured below but are available. To reserve your dumpster, please give us a call.

10 Yard Dumpster

12' x 8' x 3.5'

Best For:

A tiny dumpster that’s excellent for minor remodels, landscaping tasks, DIY home projects, or even spring cleaning.


Fits about the size of 3 pickup vehicles or 100 good-sized garbage bags.

20 Yard Dumpster

22' x 8' x 4'

Best For:

A popular dumpster size. Excellent for small to medium renovations and roofing tasks. And side projects.


Holds about the size of 6 pickup trucks or 200 large garbage bags.

30 Yard Dumpster

22' x 8' x 6'

Best For:

A dumpster with a large capacity! Suited for those extensive home renovations, commercial projects, and even contractors.


Has the capacity for roughly 9 pickup trucks. Or 300 large garbage bags.

40 Yard Dumpster

22' x 8' x 8'

Best For:

More significant demolition projects, large clean-outs, new buildings, or roofing often use our largest dumpster. Lots of room!


Holds about the size of 12 pickup trucks or 400 large garbage bags.

Other Types of Dumpster DDD Offers

Tap each picture below to read more.


Our residential dumpsters cater to any home projects you might have going on. Whether you're upgrading your kitchen, organizing your garage, or sprucing up your yard, our dumpsters are the go-to solution for all your trash disposal requirements. They can hold everything from unwanted furniture to green garden waste to construction trash.
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We deal with commercial dumpsters that are ideal for a variety of projects. Whether you are supervising a construction site, looking after a restaurant, or hosting a large-scale function. Our dumpsters are the perfect solution for all your waste management requirements. Their design allows them to hold large quantities of construction debris and bulky materials.
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Discover the ideal construction dumpsters for any project size. From refurbishing a structure, overseeing construction sites, or any other business-related construction task. You want our dumpsters for all your waste management needs! They are engineered to handle large volumes of debris and heavy materials.
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Roll Off

Experience seamless waste removal for your big projects with us. Our movable dumpsters offer quick setup and efficient waste management. These dumpsters are designed with a large capacity to hold anything you might need to dispose of.
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How to Rent a Roll Off Dumpster

Renting a dumpster from DDD can be summed up in a few steps: 1-2-3-4.
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What items can or can't you put in a dumpster?

When hiring a dumpster, most things can be thrown away. Here is a brief list of stuff you can and can’t dispose of. Can something be thrown out you’re unsure of? Call us and ask!



Why Pick DDD for your Dumpster Rental Needs

For dumpster rentals, DDD is your premier choice for a tidy, secure, and efficient work site. We enjoy providing outstanding services that surpass your projected standards. Our considerable collection of roll-off dumpster sizes can accommodate all your waste disposal obligations. Whether it’s a minor renovation or a major construction, we have the perfect dumpster size for your needs. Our flexible leases make sure you’re not pressed for time when you use our service. Learn more about DDD Dumpster Rental Tacoma services.

Uncover the advantages of using our company for your dumpster rental:

Choice & Variety

Choose from a wide assortment of dumpster sizes and types that can meet the needs of any project. Let our team assist you in selecting the ideal dumpster size and type based on the scope of your project and the materials you'll need to dispose of.

Fair Pricing

We know the pricing is crucial when looking to rent a dumpster. Our competitive and transparent pricing allows you to focus on your project without any hidden fees or surprises.

Customer Support

Our dedicated customer assistance team is here for you with prompt and efficient help throughout the rental process. Count on us for top-notch customer support that guarantees a streamlined experience.

Eco Friendly

Responsible waste management is at the core of our values, so we follow local garbage disposal guidelines. We ensure that all waste materials are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner and recycled whenever possible.

Fast & Reliable

Our team is dedicated to delivering reliable and timely service. From the moment you reach out to us to schedule your dumpster delivery until we pick it up, expect skilled, stress-free, timely support.


We recognize that each project has its specific requirements and timelines. Our flexible dumpster scheduling options cater to your needs, whether for a quick cleanout or a long-term renovation project.

Trusting our company with your roll-off dumpster rental needs ensures five-star service, competitive pricing, and a worry-free experience.

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